•      Sit in on conference calls.
•      Submit required paperwork.
•      Do all construction and rehab.
•      Arrange tenant meetings.
•     Make sure each line item on the scope of work is cost effective. If not, generate paperwork and submit for review.
•      Process all payment requests.
•      Attend all inspections.
•      Work in a timely and efficient manner as to not disturb the tenants.
•      After rehab completion, we help to obtain CRP and IPF payments if eligible.
•      Assist in 20 year Reserve for Replacement requirements.
•      Apply for any rebates that may be available to the property owner.
•     We use cost effective materials that will generate less maintenance needs for years to come.
•      We can provide options for financing and education needs.
•      Assist in Green Certification.

SMC Home Services is a division of Southern Management Corp., based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and has
been in business for 30 years. We can assist you, not only in Arkansas, but other states as well.

Southern Management Corp. manages 300 units, over 200 HUD units and we have completed several Mark-to-Markets successfully.
Let us take the burden off of your shoulders and make this Mark-to-Market journey comfortable for you and your residents.

The paperwork submissions for Mark-to-Market can be overwhelming. Our staff works quickly and efficiently to successfully complete your Mark-to-Market in a timely and proficient manner.

GOING GREEN is an option during the Mark-to-Market program that benefits the owners as well as the residents. Let us help you in making
this change. Our staff is Green Certified and can ensure that your property and residents will reap the benefits for years to come.
•       You will see a decrease in your water, electric, and gas bills.
•       We have developed a tenant packet with helpful hints for your residents to reduce their carbon footprints.
•       We work with your pest control company to ensure that you are in compliance with the Green requirements.
•       We can provide options for going Green and getting Green Certified.

MARK-TO-MARKET can be a very daunting experience. We know, because we have been through the process several times.
SMC Home Services is here to help you with your Mark-to-Market needs. Our experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all aspects of the program.

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